Gift Of Giving


R10 000

· TECHNOLOGY: R10 000 will enable the installation of an interactive board in a classroom. These large digital screens ensure that learning software can be used effectively and assisting in making lessons more engaging.

· TRANSPORT: Travel costs are often the reason that teams in outlying areas cannot play against other schools. R10 000 provides safe and reliable transport for a sports team and coaches to attend five sport matches.

· CODING: R10 000 pays for five teachers to get training in Robotics and Coding, as well as the toolkits needed for the teachers to implement this vital skill.

· TEACHER TECHNOLOGY TRAINING: R10 000 pays for the training of 10 teachers in IT and E- Learning skills, assisting the teachers to incorporate online resources into their daily lesson plan.


R25 000

· MATHEMATICS: R25 000 funds an innovative Maths Programme for one year, introducing learners to exciting models including Lego, Bazoo and Math Buddy.

· FUTURE EMPLOYMENT: R25 000 supports highly successful Teenage Programmes for one year. These programmes teach personal skills with a focus on workplace readiness for future employment.

· PARENTAL/GUARDIAN INVOLVEMENT: R25 000 funds a Parent Programme for a year, providing the tools to enhance the parent and child bond. Research shows that parental or guardian support and involvement is one of the key indicators for educational success.

· PRINCIPAL TRAINING: Quality leadership at schools is crucial for  quality learning to take place. R25 000 supports School Principal training, mentorship, and support for one year through an interactive programme where the principal engages with best practice and learns from peers and mentors.