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A seven-day bespoke ocean journey for eight people on private catamarans to exotic Raja Ampat, Indonesia with Meridian Adventure SAIL.!

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You and seven friends will embark on a seven-day ocean adventure with Meridian Adventure SAIL. Meridian Adventure SAIL creates rare and extraordinary experiences for private club members who share a passion for the ocean. Embarking on your own private catamaran, this all-inclusive sailing expedition guides you through Raja Ampat, Indonesia – one of the world’s most desirable, remote and pristine ocean destinations.

Raja Ampat is a paradise on earth with thousands of green isles, pristine waters and rugged landscapes. Majestically named the ‘Four Kings’, it boasts crystal-clear waters for diving and snorkelling. This biological hotspot hosts the most abundant marine life in the South East Asian region. Nestled in the heart of the Coral Triangle, around 75 percent of the world’s coral species are found in Raja Ampat, with more than 3,000 fish species. Each day, dive under the crystal-clear waters to see coral bursting with colour, gleaming shoals of fish and majestic manta-rays as they silently glide.
Each day rise to the sun-peeking over the top of a distant isle and see how the day unfolds thanks to a completely customised itinerary developed by Captain Sean Galleymore that is designed to optimise your every moment while considering the migratory patterns of teeming ocean life, the weather and currents.  Enjoy a barefoot walk along a deserted beach or light-up night-time paddle board adventure gently illuminating the waves below. The diving on offer is unmatched, with expert dive masters, top-of-the-range equipment and custom dive boats. For those new to diving, tuition is on hand throughout the sailing expedition.

You may also enjoy kayaking, seabobs, river-rafting or snorkelling amongst other activities.
The 62’ catamarans offer a smooth-sailing experience on the calm equatorial waters and space to unwind with family and friends. Food and drink is included throughout the voyage, using fresh local ingredients.  The catamaran is staffed with three expertly trained crew.

Leaving a limited footprint is critical to each voyage. Low-emissions allow low-impact navigation of hidden coves and sails are raised at every possible opportunity to allow the catamaran to glide with silent ease thanks to the equatorial winds, only highlighting the sounds of nature.

Put away your phones to enjoy the moment as you will leave with images of a lifetime thanks to an on-board photographer. Using the latest under-water camera technology, a log of each day will be captured as a record of the adventure for posterity.
In addition, to keep with the vinous theme of Cape Wine Auction, each guest will enjoy a bottle of the revered 96 point (Decanter Gold) Pinot Noir from the esteemed Lothian Vineyards.

  • Eight guests will embark on a seven day ocean adventure on a private catamaran with Meridian Adventure SAIL.
  •        Explore Raja Ampat, Indonesia on a bespoke sailing itinerary to discover this marine hotspot teaming with wildlife.
  •        Enjoy an all-inclusive experience, from fine food and drink to world-class diving and instruction, seabobs to night-time paddle boarding.
  •        The catamaran is staffed with three expertly trained crew, qualified after an extensive programme spanning navigation to hospitality with the Meridian Adventure Academy.
  •        An on-board photographer will capture the entire sailing for lasting mementoes of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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