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The Gift of Giving (R100 000)

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We invite guests to donate to specific causes within the Cape Wine Auction Trust’s community of beneficiaries.

R100 000 Auction Lots (x 8)

Lot 1
A hungry child cannot learn. R100 000 provides 35 000 freshly prepared, nutritionally fortified meals by the Lunchbox Fund to 175 at-risk and vulnerable school learners every day for a year.

Lot 2
Trauma is a barrier to learning for thousands of children in the winelands. This lot provides 500 hours of counselling for children, at their school, by qualified Community Keepers psychologists, counsellors or social workers. This is a gift of psychosocial support which assists traumatised children to enjoy a happier education journey.

Lot 3
This lot pays for 20 computers and covers the cost of their installation at a school. This process is facilitated and managed by the Click Foundation.

Lot 4
Lack of safe, reliable transport is a barrier to many children getting to school daily. In the winelands attendance rates during the winter and on rainy days are much lower, indicating how many children walk to school every day, often over great distances. This lot provides safe and reliable transport services to 80 children in the Winelands for a year.

Lot 5
R100 000 provides four classrooms from Grades R to 3 with Library Corners, including reading books, floor cushions, mats, easels for big books, posters and teacher packs, and individual fully-illustrated dictionaries for each child.

Lot 6
R100 000 trains 42 Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners and provides them with the necessary resources to run quality ECD programmes.

Lot 7
R100 000 provides 100 children with the uniform essentials they need to attend school in comfort and with dignity and a sense of pride.

Lot 8
R 100 000 funds a pre-school centre for 50 children for a year. This includes the provision of educational resources, stationery and furniture.

This Lot is purely the gift of giving.
100% Tax deductable

  • R100 000 Auction Lots (x 8)
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