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5 x R10 000  

  • R10 000 will enable the updating of an interactive board in the Constantia Primary classrooms. Phonics software has been donated to the school, and this funding will ensure that this software can be used effectively on large digital screens.
  • Safe and reliable transport for a sports team and coaches to attend five sport matches. Travel costs are often a barrier to teams being able to play against other schools in outlying areas. 
  • Continue the successful training in Robotics and Coding by ORT SA at Wemmershoek Primary in Franschhoek. Your donation pays for the toolkits needed for the teachers to implement this vital skill
  • Training 20 teachers in IT and E- Learning skills at De Rust Futura Akademie in Elgin. This training assists the teachers to incorporate the internet and online resources into their daily lesson plan.
  • R10 000 will ensure that 10 learners at the schools we support have the basic uniform essentials needed to learn with dignity and comfort.  

5 x R25 000

  • Funding a Maths Programme for one year at the Aitsa After School programme using innovative learning models including Lego, Bazoo and Math Buddy.
  • Supporting Teenage Programmes at Anna Foundation for one year. These programmes teach personal skills with a focus workplace readiness for future employment.
  • Parental involvement is essential to a child’s success. R25 000 funds a Parent Programme for a year, providing the tools to enhance the parent and child bond.  
  • School Principal training, mentorship and support for one year. Quality leadership at schools is one of the best indicators of success. This programme ensures that the principal engages with best practice, and is also supported and mentored to be the best leader possible.  
  • Training an Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioner from the most vulnerable communities, ensuring our youngest generation gets quality education from their earliest years. 

5 x R50 000   

  • De Rust Futura Akademie in Elgin teaches agriculture, healthy nutrition and the agri-economy as part of their curriculum.  Your donation will contribute to their on-site outdoor learning resources, which include greenhouses where micro-herbs are grown and sold to national retailers as an income stream for the school. 
  • Oxford Tutorial Method implementation at Calling Academy boys high school in Stellenbosch. The Oxford Tutorial is an inquiry-based method designed to cultivate critical thinking through individualized dialogue between a small number of learners and their tutor. It is implemented at Calling Academy in partnership with the Oxford Centre for Tutorial Teaching and Calling Academy is currently the only school in Africa with this privilege! R50 000 pays for the tutorial lead for a year.
  • Constantia Primary School has an active and passionate music department with a dream of having an orchestra. Funding this lot would ensure that musical instruments can be purchased to make this dream a reality.
  • Contribute to the Special Needs Programme run by Pebbles Project which provides stimulation programmes, therapeutic support and intervention to children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. 
  • Appointing a social worker for 12 months at De Rust Futura Akademie in the winelands of Elgin. This will provide much-needed psycho-social counselling, motivation, support and programme development for learners, as well as setting up parent and learner support groups to deal with issues like gender-based violence and drug addiction.  

5 x R100 000  

  • It is a well-known fact that a hungry child cannot learn. R100 000 provides 35 000 nutritionally fortified meals by the Lunchbox Fund to 175 at-risk and vulnerable school learners every day for a year.  
  • Psychosocial trauma is a barrier to learning for thousands of children in the winelands. Your donation provides 500 hours of counselling for children, at their school, by qualified Community Keepers psychologists, counsellors or social workers. This is a gift of mental health support which assists traumatised children to enjoy a happier education journey.  
  • The digital divide continues to widen and access to digital learning in under-resourced schools is crucial now more than ever. R100 000 will pay for 20 computers and have them fully installed with literacy software at a school. This process is facilitated and managed by the Click Foundation. 
  • 15 x The Wonder Boxes by Wonderdal containing a range of award-winning educational and interactive resources. The Wonderbox initiative takes the educational experiences learnt at Wonderdal Edutainment Centre at Hazendal, to underprivileged learners who are not able to visit in person. The items in the box include portable science kits, book libraries, science experiments, outdoor play equipment, plant growing kits, as well as games for the development of fine motor skills, problem solving and creative thinking. A manual for the educators is also included. These will be donated to the schools and after-school programmes we support.
  • This lot allows the continuation of the incredibly successful Art programme at Wemmershoek Primary school, including the teacher salary and art material for 256 learners. 


  • 5 x R 10 000
  • 5 x R 25 000
  • 5 x R 50 000
  • 5 x R 100 000