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Certified Heritage Vineyard’s Lot

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Old vines make wines with a unique character. Wines that reflect the vastness of our South African landscape – our harsh climate, our old and sometimes fragile soils, and our complex culture.

They reflect the decades of growing in one place, in the unyielding sun, the cold winter rain, the storms and winds, on a mountain, on a plain somewhere and then producing these delicate but powerful wines.

The Old Vine Project wants to preserve vines older than 35 years by creating an awareness of the heritage of old vines.

Winemakers can certify their wines as ‘Old Vine’ and the public will knowingly buy wines that are made from the many ancient and sometimes forgotten patches of vineyards.

Through membership the wine drinker will be able to follow the history of these wines and see where they come from – the exact slope or site, the winemaker, the soils and the stories of each.

We are giving you the opportunity to delve into a two-day, two-night experience for four people around the old vine theme spanning the Cape Wine regions.

Your tour will commence in Stellenbosch with an overview of the Old Vine Project (OVP), followed by a tutored tasting conducted by Old Vine Project Manager, André Morgenthal and member winemakers.

Travel by Helicopter between the regions of Franschhoek, Swartland and Piekenierskloof where you will visit old vineyard blocks, taste the wines and enjoy meals hosted by OVP member winemakers

This is an experience that money can’t usually buy!

Dates booked by participants is weather and vendor dependent.
Compulsory completion of indemnity form by all guests.
Additional experiences beyond what is offered for participants’ own account.

  • Valid for four people.
  • Hosted accommodation and meals.
  • Initial transport from Cape Town to Stellenbosch by chauffeured vehicle.
  • Transport around the wine regions by helicopter.
  • Old Vineyard visits.
  • Tutored tastings with Old Vine winemakers.
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