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R100 000 Auction Lots (Part 1)

Lot 1
A hungry child cannot concentrate R100 000 provides 35 000 freshly prepared, nutritionally fortified meals by the Lunchbox Fund to 175 at-risk and vulnerable school learners every day.

Lot 2
R100 000 pays for 500 hours of counselling for children, at their school, by qualified Community Keepers psychologists, counselors or social workers. A traumatised or unhappy child cannot learn, and this service gives the gift of removing that barrier to make room for a healthy education journey.

Lot 3
R100 000 will pay for 20 computers and have them installed at a school. This process is facilitated and managed by the Click Foundation.

Lot 4
R100 000 enrols 20 Grade 8 girl learners from the Stellenbosch area in an 18-month coding programme with Eduvate.

Lot 5
R100 000 provides safe and reliable transport services to 80 children in the Winelands for a year.

R100 000 Auction Lots (Part 2)

Lot 1
R100 000 provides four classrooms from Grades R to 3 with Library Corners, including reading books, floor cushions, mats, easels for big books, posters and teacher packs, and individual fully-illustrated dictionaries for each child.

Lot 2
R100 000 trains 42 Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners and provides them with the necessary resources to run quality ECD programmes.

Lot 3
R100 000 provides 100 children with the uniform essentials they need to attend school in comfort and with dignity and a sense of pride.

Lot 4
R 100 000 funds a pre-school centre for 50 children for a year. This includes the provision of educational resources, stationery and furniture.

Lot 5
R100 000 upgrades two primary school playgrounds, giving hundreds of children a safe, colourful and inspiring space to play outdoors.

This Lot is purely the gift of giving.
100% Tax deductable

    Part 1

  • Lot 1: Nutrition
  • Lot 2: Psycho-social support
  • Lot 3: Technology
  • Lot 4: Empowering girls through technology
  • Lot 5: Transport
    Part 2

  • Lot 1: Reading
  • Lot 2: Training for Early Childhood Development practitioners
  • Lot 3: Uniforms
  • Lot 4: Pre-school centre
  • Lot 5: Primary school playground
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