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The Gift of Giving (R25 000)

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We invite guests to donate to specific causes within the Cape Wine Auction Trust’s community of beneficiaries.

R25 000 (x5)

Lot 1
Training of 2 unemployed women from disadvantaged background in a certified Child Care Programme so that they can find employment as day mothers or au pairs.

Lot 2
Funding an educational Maths Programme for one year at the Aitsa After School programme using innovative learning models including Lego, Bazoo and Math Buddy.

Lot 3
Supporting Teenage Programmes at Anna Foundation for one year. These programmes combine the personal skills that all youth need in their daily lives with specific workplace readiness skills youth need for future employment. The goal of the programme is to empower young people to achieve social and economic success.

Lot 4
Funding a Leadership for Life (LFL) training programme on a farm in the Cape Winelands which will train 40 people. The programme consists of 4 x 4-hour sessions, and 2 x 2-hour follow up workshops. Leadership for Life is designed for adults and young people to unlock and develop their leadership capacity, providing them with the mindset, motivation and skills to lead themselves, their relationships, their finances and their projects.

Lot 5
Funding a Parent Programme for a year at the Aitsa After School programme. This provides the tools to enhance the parent and child bond which is essential for reaching learning potential.

This Lot is purely the gift of giving.
100% Tax deductable

  • R25 000 (x5)
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