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Our 2016 Chefs

The 2016 culinary team is led by the cream of the crop of South Africa’s gastronomic maestros. So prepare yourself for a sensory experience like never before.


Peter Tempelhoff

Kitchen maestro and Head Honcho, Peter Tempelhoff is the taste architect and ingredient innovator behind each delectable creation served at Greenhouse.

His approach to food is simple – “If it is not the best it can be, it doesn’t belong on the menu!” It is an approach which he stakes his reputation on every day, and one that has garnered him with many enviable awards and accolades over the years.

This approach to cooking is evident in each of the restaurants
Peter oversees in The Collection. Be it the elegant gastronomic Greenhouse, or the simplistically precise SeaFood at The Marine, perfection is the ultimate goal that Peter’s food aspires to.

He continues to explore, understand and re-imagine what South African food can be by investigating local flavour through ingredients specific to his locale. In his words, all he has to do now is “keep innovating, keep coming up with new things, new dishes, new flavours, and always keep stretching the boundary”.

PJ Vadas

Raised in Knysna, PJ’s first job was with Gordon Ramsay in London and he went on to open Ramsay’s New York restaurant in 2007. Then working with Angela Hartnett at The Connaught, Roger Verge’s La Moulin de Mougins and returning to South Africa he brought his knowledge and experience to the position of Executive Chef at his parents well loved restaurant Pembrey’s. PJ established the Roundhouse in Camps Bay and ran it for four years before going on to be the Executive Chef at Camphors at Vergelegen. Both adventures earned him Eat Out top ten awards.

PJ’s evolution towards setting up Hoghouse has been a personal desire to serve good, old-fashioned comfort food, where the flavours of the food are not interfered with and the environment is understated enough to let the food do the talking.

His kitchen philosophy is to support local economy by buying from local producers that use ethical and sustainable practices.