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Beneficiary Update – SPARK Lynedoch School - The Cape Wine Auction

The SPARK Lynedoch School is a CWA Trust beneficiary that has fast become a case study within the Trust funding model. The CWA Trust model is unique in that all the Trust beneficiaries get to meet each other, learn about the work each is doing, and grow through the networking experience. Instead of traditional “silo” models, we believe in collaboration – that the whole is so much stronger than the sum of its parts. Nowhere is this better put into practice then at SPARK Lynedoch.

On the site of a once-dysfunctional government school stands a public-private example of learning excellence of which the entire community can be proud. SPARK offers a world-class curriculum along with highly-trained staff; Lunchbox Fund ensures that the children are well-nourished with both breakfast and lunch; Click Foundation runs the e-learning lab; Anna Foundation manages the After School facilities and Community Keepers has a full-time office on site which offers psychological support to the learners, many of who are from vulnerable communities.

All these organisations are CWA Trust beneficiaries and together they create an eco-system of learning and support. The networks created through the Trust and the relationships that have been formed between the beneficiaries show us that the Trust has selected the right people to invest in. Having a community of beneficiaries results in less duplication, increased economies of scale, and shared resources and experiences. We believe that the same benefits can be derived from creating a community of donors in the Winelands.

This is an exciting extension to the CWA Trust model. We have met other donors who share our passion for education in the winelands, and we will continue to engage with them and others to assist in streamlining the funding process so that we can all invest with impact.


Andi Norton & The Cape Wine Auction Trust